The name Omniafiltra is derived from the Latin word “ omnia ”, which means “ all” . When Omniafiltra was established in 1955, the founders' intent was to take advantage of the organoleptic characteristics and particular pureness of the rich springs of the nearby Monte Matese, for manufacturing calibrated ash filter papers. Over time, they added to the range of filtration products as demand for Omniafiltra materials grew.

At the same time, the management of that period formed a skilled team of internationally skilled employees. The limited width and production capacity of the first paper machine (which is usually a handicap in the paper industry) drove the company away from commodity products towards specialty applications where technological skill and production flexibility were strategic advantages. The highly motivated team worked to optimise manufacturing capabilities and seize a variety of commercial opportunities. Omniafiltra expanded into important niche areas of the domestic market.

With the Raffaello drawing pads and sketchbooks (a well-known brand in the paper industry, later on sold to the Cartiere Pigna), Guamotor gasket papers (among the first gasket materials made in Italy and specified by FIAT), Depural (the first non-asbestos filter sheet in the world), Omniafiltra products were soon established among the most technologically advanced in Europe.

In the early Seventies, the commercial success of the company's intentional diversification allowed investment in new machinery. Omniafiltra tripled its production capacity and further expanded its market share, continuing its growth even through several periods of weak international economic conditions.

In the early Nineties, the company purchased Cartiera del Lete, adding more than twice the existing production capacity at Cartiera del Torano. The company entered a gradual transition, consolidating the success of the past decades, expanding into new product categories, and initiating a concerted international sales and marketing effort. All of these efforts were supported by a new research center equipped with the most technologically advanced product testing and development equipment.

With a consolidated image and a well-prepared organisational structure, Omniafiltra was prepared to become a multinational manufacturer. The opportunity presented itself in 2003, and Omniafiltra purchased the Latex Mill in the village of Beaver Falls, New York (USA). The new facility provides manufacturing flexibility that complements Omniafiltra's pursuit of niche markets and adds the 5 th and 6 th paper machines to the company's manufacturing base.

The Omniafiltra has preserved its dedication to flexibility and customer service while growing to meet the challenges of the global industrial. With a pioneering spirit, Omniafiltra expands the frontiers of industrial paper technology.