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Filter papers

Our filter papers and boards consist of cellulose with a high alpha cellulose content and cotton linters that guarantee the excellent quality of all of our filtration products. As many variables as possible have been addressed with special treatments during the production stage, such as resistance in general and in water in particular. This allows our products to work under high pressure and avoid bursting. Grammage increase gives a lower flow but it supports filter selectivity.

Detailed information concerning the technical characteristics can be supplied on request in order to make the best choice among the different types of filter papers and boards.

Filter papers and boards are manufactured in square or round standard sizes, with or without holes and/or cuts and, by request, for every type of filter press.

For laboratory use we supply flat and folded paper discs.

  • ENOS (ST)
  • VX (ST)
  • SVX (ST)
  • GF(ST)