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Filter boards

These filters are characterised by a grammage lying between 250 and 720 g/sqm.

They only allow physical mechanical separation in two phases, with the following classification:

1) Solid/liquid separation : The most frequent field of application in the industrial sector .

2) Liquid/liquid separation: Owing to the absorbent character of cellulose, the thin or thick sheets of untreated pure cellulose are able to retain the water contained in an oily liquid through absorption (removal of tiny water droplets, even from vegetation, in oils).

3) Liquid/gas separation: Retention of water or oil droplets in air or other gases.

4) Solid/gas separation: Removal of solid materials suspended in the air, or other gaseous products or environments.

  • LQ 25 (ST)
  • LQ 33 (ST)
  • LQ 34 (ST)
  • LQ 36 (ST)
  • LQ 40 (ST)
  • LQ 44 (ST)
  • LQ 60 (ST)
  • LQ 60PH (ST)
  • LQ 65 (ST)
  • LQ 68 (ST)
  • LQ 72(ST)