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Celflex is a compound, flexible insulator. It is the result of laminating Isogeno with polyenthelrephtalete film. Isogeno is the well-known Omniafiltra product manufactured with extremely pure raw materials, based on particularly high quality cellulose.

Celflex is made according to a method that assures the close connection between Isogeno and film: by joining the particular dielectric, mechanical and thermal features of the two components, it guarantees a major insulation and requires less space in the slot. Celflex is characterised by a high dielectric strength even with humidity minimum dielectric strength reduction on the bending excellent mechanical resistance dimensional stability resistance to insulating lacquers, chemical agents, oils, grease high thermal resistance; it belongs to the E class of insulating materials, i.e. it can be used for the construction of machines with normal operating conditions under a temperature of 120C.

Celflex has specifically been created for insulation of: electric engine slots and phase separators air transformer wrappings any type of switches electronic equipment etc.

Ceflex presents a series of technical and economic advantages compared to simple polyester film:

  • A major fixation of varnish or impregnation resins;
  • A major tearing/tensile strength at the end of the slot and a better resistance to possible metal burrs in the slot, thanks to its fibred structure;
  • A major impact resistance;
  • Protection against early ageing of the film due to high temperature, thanks to its major thermal conductivity;
  • A higher yield thanks to its lower density (Ceflex 1.25/ polyester film 1.38) and hence a considerably lower price per sqm:
  • Lower price.