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Omniafiltra has always worked to protect the environment, provide a safe workplace, and operate with strict quality control in manufacturing and management processes. We have developed investment plans aimed at continuous improvements and positive results as regards quality in the company processes and products, as well as industrial safety and reduction of environmental pollution in all our different fields of activity.

Such improvements, along with the efforts of our internal organisation, allowed us to obtain conformity with the ISO 9002:94 procedures: the Alife fatory was certified in 1996 and the Pratella factory in 1997. These two facilities will soon be certified according to the new ISO UNI EN 9001:2000. Our newest factory in Beaver Falls, NY (USA), has adopted the same management system as the Italian plants and got certified in 2004.

In order to improve quality control and internal organisation, the following measures have been taken:

•  Development of the internal Laboratory, with innovative in-process quality control equipment;

•  Introduction of a new management system, at the time the company management processes were started.

Omniafiltra started a new Environmental Management System in 2001. Thanks to management under this system of energy efficiency, industrial activities according to national and international environmental standards and/or schemes, the rational and efficient use of energy sources and raw materials, we obtained, in September 2003, the UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate (n° 5640) for the Alife factory.

The experience made in this field, will allow us to:

  • Further develop and make good use of the environmental guide lines for our Group, to be introduced in the other production premises for accelerated achievement of environmental pollution reduction ànd ultimately certification to ISO 14001;

  • Identify the indicators that are able to guarantee monitoring and control of the environmental performance in the single factories;  
  • Establish and co-ordinate planning agreements with Institutions, Organisations and Agencies, as well as with our suppliers, on environmental issues;