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Fisheroid is the result of processing and modification of special cellulose types: through a patented process called Kerization, they obtain particular properties of hardness, compactness and elasticity. The special features of Omniafiltra's Fisheroid have been studied and prepared with a view to its various industrial applications. Its mechanical and dielectric properties are excellent enough to meet the widest variety of requirements from the electromechanical industry. It is supplied in its distinctive red colour and with a special waterproofing treatment on the surface. This product type lends itself to be folded, punched, cut and processed on machine tools; it is a bad heat conductor, does not absorb fuel, mineral oils, grease, organic solvents etc.; it joins all physical and mechanical features of high dielectric power metals; it does not carbonise in case of electric discharges on the surface; its dielectric strength is far superior to the standards mentioned in the most important international regulations concerning vulcanised fibre (ICE-BS-NEMA-DIN-AFNOR etc.).

Main applications

  • Ground and modelled heads for electric engine rotors and stators
  • Closing shims for electric engine slots;
  • Insulating wedges;
  • Beads, packing pieces and bases for transformers;
  • Insulating gaskets;
  • Protection caps for electric engine parts;
  • Insulating parts for switches and transformers;
  • Insulating boards for relay groups and low voltage guide vane systems;
  • Insulating units for radio and TV transmitters and receivers;
  • Insulating units for electric equipment;
  • Gaskets for: spark ignition engine parts, pumps, tube flanges, distillation plants, compressors, etc.