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Gasket Materials

Omniafiltra's first gasket materials date back to the Sixties: Guamotor (gelatine and glycol impregnated material). In the following decade, this product range was expanded, with the development of the Torflex items. In the same period the first OEM specifications in the automotive sector were obtained, at that time an essential requirement for sealing the quality of a product and hence sell it to gasket manufacturers.

In the early Seventies replacement of asbestos fibres in Italy was enforced on products used in different food processes. Omniafiltra became one of the first filter sheet manufacturers in the world to replace asbestos with synthetic fibres for the filtration of beverages. This experience was then applied to the different requirements in the gasket sector and allowed us to transfer technology to other products, such as non-asbestos gasket materials. We obtained OEM specifications in the early Nineties. The success we obtained –where many “historical” European asbestos paper manufacturers failed- confirmed Omniafiltra's image of having high technical skills. Our Torbas brand of soft gasket materials and TSA cylinder head facings soon gained significant market share worldwide.

We continue to invest in our manufacturing technology, expanding the limits the beater addition process. Our most recent family of products – called Toranit – is an innovated, solvent free alternative to traditional calendered or “IT” sheet products.

Our recent addition of the Latex Mill in Beaver Falls, New York (USA) underscores our commitment to service on a global scale. With factories in both Europe and North America, we are uniquely positioned to supply our multinational customers. With 6 paper machines (3 cylinder machines and 3 fourdriniers) we have the flexibility to meet our customers' special requirements and the redundancy necessary to assure uninterrupted service.