In 2002 Omniafiltra started, as a forerunner in this field, the SIRMAS CAT system (“SIstema per il Riutilizzo dei MAteriali di Scarto da CArte Tecniche” Recycling System for Technical Paper Scrap). This system consists of a recycled paper production machine fed by scrap materials from the gasket paper production process and from technical paper trimmings. Such recycled paper is used as raw material for the manufacturing of other types of technical papers.

The SIRMAS CAT system forms part of the more extensive Z.E.R.I project (Zero Emission Research and Initiatives). A few years ago, Omniafiltra, as a pioneer in this field, started a sustainable development project aiming at consolidating its industrial structure in the environmental and social context it operates in, as well as becoming a positive example for its customers and suppliers.