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In the coming years, Omniafiltra will follow a strategy establishing the company as the only European manufacturer focused exclusively on Technical Papers for Industrial Use .

In the past few years the company has executed a methodical plan for further technological development through

•  Co-operation with the Università Federico II of Naples

•  Development of new products

•  Updating of well known product ranges

•  Purchase of product and manufacturing technology

•  Increase investment in research and technical staff

A characteristic of niche markets for Technical Papers for Industrial Use is the combination of demand for technologically advance products, persistent demand for cost savings, and relatively small purchase volumes. The result is a steady decline in interest from the world's largest papermaking groups as they cannot benefit from economy of scale with such projects. The pursuit of high volume and larger, faster machines to support that volume leads these companies inevitably away from specialty papers and towards commodity products. As they shed their smaller, slower machines such companies become not only less interested in small volume opportunities but also less capable of pursuing them. Moreover, huge investments in Research and Development become difficult to justify for small production volume.

Omniafiltra has chosen a different path. We provide technology, manufacturing flexibility, product range, and international reach on a scale appropriate to niche market opportunities. We will maintain our low cost structure, continually reinvest in new technology, and bring the benefits of technical paper production to products traditionally made with other processes.

Omniafiltra's wide product range - directed towards different industrial sectors - along with its broad technological skill, allows us to more easily develop customized products as required by individual customers.

To summarize, the Omniafiltra Group has established itself as a small multinational industrial paper manufacturer. Our product lines are intentially diversified but unified by a focus on technologically advanced industrial paper production. We believe that innovation springs from an in depth familiarity with our processes and the cross pollination derived from participation in many markets. Our objective is to prosper by answering our customers needs on an appropriate scale, to step in where other suppliers have stepped out, and to deliver not just an acceptable or equivelent solution, but a better one.

Omnia does indeed mean “all”. At Omniafiltra, we're here for all of your technical paper needs – and ideas.