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With more than 40 years experience developing and manufacturing beater addition materials, Omniafiltra has developed substantial expertise in constructing synthetic and mineral fibre based materials.

Careful control of pore size and pore size distribution made possible through the combination of a wide variety of raw materials and manufacturing capabilities- allows us to introduce the Toran-IT category of sealing materials for both automotive and industrial applications.

Strong solvents are often used to soften rubber in the production of typical calendared sheet materials. These solvents may pose both environmental and health problems if not carefully managed. Physical properties of stored gasket material may also change over time as solvent escapes from the sheet. This typically results in material hard or less flexible as it ages.

Toran-IT high performance materials provide excellent sealability without the problems associated with solvent-based manufacturing. In addition, Toran-IT materials are available in roll form, with and without aramid fibre, for easier high-speed manufacturing.

Toran-IT products have excellent interstitial sealability. Because they are produced with the beater addition process Toran-IT materials have extremely consistent formation. There are no fibre clumps or hard spots to interfere with interfacial (between gasket and the flange) sealability. Toran-IT gasket materials seal where other products fail.

  • Toran-IT 100
  • Toran-IT 200
  • Toran-IT 300
  • GSA 16