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They are materials for soft gaskets OEM and high performance spare parts.

The gasket materials Torbas are produced with mix of fibre and binders and are very suitable to garantee a long lasting performance in difficult applications.Torbas gaskets are homoligated in the OEM market for gasoline and diesel automobile motors, and also for most extreme applications.
Torbas materials with SBR or SBR blends are designed for excellent sealing of oils, fuels where flange surfaces require gasket conformability and edge to increase sealing performance.
Torbas materials with NBR binders are best suited to higher load applications where flanges are more rigid and flange pressure more evenly distributed, such as flywheel housing gaskets on diesel engines or structural joints in off road equipment.
  • Torbas N10 (ST)
  • Torbas N12 (ST)
  • Torbas N16 (ST)
  • Torbas S16 (ST)
  • Torbas REC V (ST)
  • Torbas FP (ST)
  • Torbas OPC (ST)
  • Torbas OPR(ST)